All about GenMous

All about GenMous

GenMous is a Gifts and Home Decor Manufacturer. We are a top home decor supplier to Boutiques, Giftshops, Wholesalers, Importers, Chain Stores, Online Store sellers for almost 20 years.

With more than 2 decades of designing, manufacturing and selling to US, GenMous is appealing and gathering people who love and enjoy home fashion and home decor. 

Our product range includes: Everyday items, Seasonal items, and Gifts.

We are passionate about doing our part to create dream homes for all. 

Our goal is to be the best source to provide beautiful designs, high quality merchandise, exceptional customer service and best prices.

Meanwhile, we do our part to connect and give back the society with love through supporting autistic children to be our little artists, 

and we will continue to support people and families who need help.